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 Complaints Policy

Our Policy

At the Calverton Practice our aim is to offer the very best standard of healthcare to all of our patients.  Unfortunately, on occasion we realise we may not reach our usual high standards and this document sets out the procedure for patients, relatives and carers to bring this to our attention.  It also describes the steps we will take to fully investigate your complaint and what you can do if you are not happy with the outcome of any investigation.

Please be assured should you raise a complaint this will not negatively affect the care provided to you or your family.

All complaints received will be investigated in an unbiased, transparent, timely manner and we will endeavour to learn from mistakes by analysis of the root causes of any real or perceived failure.

Complaints will be handled in the strictest of confidence in accordance with the NHS England Confidentiality Policy and will be kept separately from patient medical records. Care will be taken that information should only be disclosed to those who have a demonstrable need to have access to it.

The NHS Complaints Procedure

The NHS Complaints aims to achieve fast and effective resolution for both patients and the organisation receiving the complaint.  It recognises that dealing with complaints locally is often the most immediate and responsive method of resolution.  We would, therefore, be happy to offer you the opportunity to explain the reasons why you are unhappy with our service and to discuss what steps we can take together to achieve a resolution.  We have an internal complaint handling process in place to ensure that any complaint we receive is dealt with efficiently, sensitively and fairly.  The NHS would expect to receive a complaint within 12 months of the problem (or your awareness of it) occurring.  However, we can use our discretion if circumstances have prevented you from making your complaint within this timescale.

How to make a complaint to the Practice

Our Practice Manager, Bridget Hall, is the named manager for dealing with complaints.  In the first instance you should raise your complaint with her, preferably in writing*.  All complaints will be acknowledged no later than three working days after the complaint is received.  This acknowledgement will usually be in writing but may be verbal in some circumstances.

*We realise that complaints can vary in size and complexity ranging from some of our in-house processes such as our appointments system to more complex medical issues.  Often it may be possible to resolve issues verbally over the telephone or face to face and if there is the capacity to do this that would always be our preferred option.  However, with more complex complaints we would ask that these were in a written format so that we carry out a detailed investigation and response.

When dealing with complaints we aim to adhere to NHS England’s organisation value’s principles and follow the ‘Good Practice Standards for NHS Complaints Handling’ (Sept 2013) outlined by the Patients Association:

Openness and Transparency.

Evidence based complainant led investigations and responses.

Logical and rational in our approach.


Sympathetically respond to complaints and concerns in appropriate timeframes.

Provide opportunities for people to offer feedback on the quality of service provided.

Provide complainants with support and guidance throughout the complaints process.

Provide a level of detail appropriate to the seriousness of the complaint.

Identify the causes of complaints and to take action to prevent recurrences.

Effective and implemented learning – use ‘lessons learnt’ as a driver for change and improvement.

Ensure that the care of complainants is not adversely affected as a result of making a complaint.

Ensure that NHS England meets its legal obligations.

Act as a key tool in ensuring the good reputation of NHS England.


What if I’m not happy to talk to the Practice?

If you feel that you do not wish to discuss your complaint directly with the Practice or if your complaint is about commissioned or more general NHS services, please contact NHS England.

NHS England

PO Box 16738


B97 9PT

Telephone:  0300 311 2233 (Monday-Friday 8am-6pm excluding bank holidays)


Dissatisfied with the handling of the complaint by NHS England?

If you are still not satisfied that your complaint has been appropriately addressed, you may approach the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.  Details of how to contact the PHSO will be provided by NHS England when issuing their formal response to you.

Multi Agency Complaints

If your complaint involves more than one NHS or social care body, please direct your complaint to NHS England who will adhere to the duty to cooperate contained in the legislation. Where complaints involve more than one body, discussions will take place between the bodies concerned about the most appropriate body to take the lead in coordinating the complaint and communicating with the complainant.
Where NHS England receives a complaint involving several bodies, permission will be sought from the complainant before sharing or forwarding a complaint to another body. Consent will need to be obtained to forward the complaint to any provider.


We hope that this leaflet provides clarification on how to make a complaint and what will happen to your complaint once it is received by the Practice.  The aim of The Calverton Practice is that any complaint can be resolved both quickly and amicably to the benefit of the patient and their healthcare needs.